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Hi, I am Swarada Mirashi. I am a Nutritionist and lifestyle consultant. I am a founder of Fit via Nutrition. I deeply studied food, Nutrition and dietetics for about 4 year. I did my graduation in Food Technology and Management and post graduation in nutrition and Dietetics from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. During graduation and post graduation, I studied about all kinds of food, from there structure to their processing, preservation and packaging on one hand and on the other hand I studied about their nutrition and metabolism in the body. I did my internship in Multispecialty hospital and cardiac hospital.

What I Offer For Good Health?

Clinical or Therapeutic

These include diet for weigh gain, obesity (weight loss), thyroid, kidney diseases diet, liver diseases diet, hypertension diet, and diet for gout

Sport and Nutrigenomic Diet Plan

What your genes tells about your health and plan your diet to avoid further problem that can detected in gene test please contact us. ( testing mandatory )

Community and Food Business Services

These include menu planning, calorie counting, and nutrient counting of food item for restaurants, school and college canteen, diet club, cafe and for mess also.

Health & Nutrition Articles

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What People Are Saying

"I am Mrs.Vrushali Mulay. I am a retired teacher. After taking retirement from a job I have little time to work on my favorite hobbies but at that time I realized my health is not as good as required to fulfill my wish. I have blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. There is swelling around my knee due to that I can’t able to walk properly. After taking a diet plan from Nutritionist swarada, I rechecked it from my doctor. The doctor gives 100% approval to follow that plan. She gave me the option of food which is easily available at home. I gradually lose my weight, now I feel fresh, I walked properly. I highly recommend Nutritionist swarada name. She gives diet after proper studying case and also takes follow up on regular basis, which keeps motivated me throughout the journey."
Mrs. Vrushali Mulay
(Navi Mumbai)
"I am highly satisfied with the result. She gave proper guidance and tips for weight loss as well as for a good lifestyle. I am visited for weight loss and muscle building and both mottos are done very successfully. Thank you so much!"
Gandharva Patil
"I tried a lot of diets, I eat too much but my weight is not gaining. I visited Nutritionist Swarada for weight gain. After taking a detailed history and understanding the problems, we started working on it. Eating too much is not beneficial for weight gain but eating smartly nutritious food is important. I successfully gain my weight. Thank you Nutritionist Swarada!"
Priya Ghagre
"I consulted from Nutritionist Swarada for weight loss. I was thinking diet means eating less and exercise more but during the consultation, she tells me it’s the exact opposite. She gave proper guidance and explains each thing properly. She clears my doubts regularly and helps me a lot to achieve my goal. I must appreciate her effort and highly recommend to all"

Lose Weight With Delicious Food

Getting proper nutrition through your diet does not have to be complicated. Delicious food does not mean a high calorie / high-fat diet. If you want to eat tasty food without compromising and be healthy, call us.

Must Try Recipes

Potato Bharta

Mashed Boiled potatoes. Add curd, salt and sugar as per taste and crushed peanut 1tsp (optional). Take a tadka pan/kadhai and add ghee.

Sweet corn Cutlets

Make a fine paste of coriander, roasted cumin, green chilli and salt. Mashed the potato and add boiled corn, previously prepared coriander paste

Date Bites

Take a pan and add ¾ tsp of ghee to it. Once the ghee become hot, add chopped khajoor/dates and roast this on low flame for 5 min.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is difference between fat loss and weight loss?

weight loss is referred to reduction of overall body weight may be it water loss, muscle loss or fat loss. Fat loss is term only applied to reduction of stored body fat.

Is calorie or nutrient counting is good or bad?

If you want healthy weight loss/gain or healthy therapeutic diet plan (BP, Diabetes, Anemia etc) it’s very much important to count calories and nutrient.

Should I completely stop using oil/butter/ghee for weight loss?

No, fat is important as much as other nutrient in diet because fat soluble vitamins need fat to dissolve into the body. If you completely stop eating fat, you will suffer from deficiency of fat soluble vitamins.

Why am I not gaining weight?

high metabolism, heredity or medical problem like thyroid, chronic illness, diabetes, digestive disorders etc.

Is childhood obesity really a serious matter?

yes. Now a day’s many children or a teenager suffering from obesity and it’s really important to take care of such children through diet and psychological counseling to avoid in future problem.

Can a vegetarian diet give me adequate nutrition?

Yes. You can get all essential nutrients from vegetarian diet

Can a diabetic person eats jaggery instead of sugar?

Yes. But eating too much jaggery is bad for diabetic people because both sugar and jaggary provides same calories.

Why pre-workout and post-workout food is important?

Pre-workout food provides energy to do exercise very well and post-workout meal are basically protein rich that help to prevents muscle loss.

what is difference between PCOD/PCOS?

PCOD is polycystic ovarian Disease and PCOS is polycystic ovarian syndrome (syndrome means a group disease like sugar, thyroid etc.)

How many days after delivery should I start losing weight?

Minimum after 16 weeks of delivery or 24 weeks of delivery when you start to give weaning food to your baby its good time to change your diet and activity pattern to loose weight.

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