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The Consequences of Nutrient Deficiencies on Long-Term Health and the Role of Healthy Eating

Nutrient-rich foods

Nourish your body, fuel your life with nutrient-rich foods.

Balanced diet

A balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals: the building blocks of a healthy body.

Healthy eating

Healthy eating, healthy living.

Nutrient deficiencies

Don’t let nutrient deficiencies weaken your health.

Health deterioration

Invest in your long-term health with healthy eating choices

Importance of Adequate Nutrient Intake for Long-Term Health

While it can be easy to change your food choices, you don’t need to deprive your body of the essential nutrients it requires to sustain.

The deficiency of these micro/macronutrients isn’t visible immediately.

In the long term, these deficiencies deteriorate your healthy body.

With us, you don’t need to deprive your body of the essentials.

Making the Shift to Healthier Food Options Without Sacrificing Taste

Sure junk food is delicious, but it is meant to be that way to attract consumers. It’s full of oil, sweetness, artificial flavors, preservatives, frozen food and so much more that makes it unhealthy for regular consumption.

All you need to do is switch to a healthy option without changing its taste or giving up your favorite food.

We can help you choose the right food and lifestyle here.

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Our Happy Clients

"l consulted from Nutritionist Swarada for weight loss. I was thinking diet means eating less and exercise more but during the consultation, she tells me it's the exact opposite. She gave proper guidance and explains each thing properly. She clears my doubts regularly and helps me a lot to achieve my goal. I must appreciate her effort and highly recommend to all.


I was diagnosed with PCOD and have been suffering for the last 7-8 months. I was intent on staying healthy which is why I approached Swarada Ma'am. She set me up with a nutrient-rich diet for about 5 months. My PCOD is fully reversed. Thank you so much Swarada ma'am for the help.


A few days ago I was living an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. My weight was correct as per the BMI, but I was heavily low on nutrients & was put on hypertension meds by the doctor. Swarada Ma'am made a few changes in my diet, shifting me to a balanced diet & helped me focus on correcting my lifestyle. After just 2 months, I could control the urge to have untimely tea & smoke. I started feeling much fresher than before. Also, I successfully acquired anger management.

Client’s feedback

I don't entertain the idea of insulin shots. But once I was diagnosed with diabetes and recommended insulin, I totally lost it. I sought Swarada Maam & was shifted to a diet including a balance of carbs & fibers alongside an exercise plan. Within 6 months, this worked in my favour & I was prescribed medicines instead of insulin. Thanks a lot Swarada Maam. I am definitely recommending you to my acquaintances.


My father had a paralysis stroke a few months ago. His entire left side had been affected due to paralysis & food consumption via mouth was out of the question. Swarada Maam recommended the usage of a feeding tube & explained in detail the dos & don'ts of the feeding tube. Father recovered from weakness a lot sooner & showed interest in having food orally. This was a very positive change for us. Thank you Maam for your guidance.

Mr. Patil