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I am Swarada Mirashi. I am a Nutritionist and lifestyle consultant. I am a founder of Fit via Nutrition. I deeply studied food, nutrition, and dietetics for about 4 years. I did my graduation in Food Technology and Management and post-graduation in Nutrition and Dietetics from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. During graduation and post-graduation, I studied about all kinds of food, from there structure to their processing, preservation and packaging on one hand and the other hand I studied about their nutrition and metabolism in the body. I did my internship in a Multi-specialty hospital and cardiac hospital. 

I truly believe that if your food selection and cooking method are correct, you can achieve your 50% health there. I mainly focused on the root where most people failed due to the wrong cooking method and wrong eating pattern. Understanding the science behind nutrition and practically apply it correctly is more important.

There are many changing trends in this field and I like to keep myself updated. I am also a certified Nutrigenomic counselor. Our genes play a vital role in our body and there is a relation in-between human genes and nutrition science. To keep updated I attend various Local, National, and Internal seminars on food, nutrition, and dietetics.

There is a huge impact on our lifestyle in our health. If you want to become healthy and happy then, try to improve your lifestyle by simply changing a few habits. Being positive is possible when you decided. Try to become an optimist.

I am an artistic person. I am a classical singer and dancer. I like to write poems and scripts on various subjects like women’s empowerment, love story, etc. Cooking is also one of my favorite activities. I like to experiment with our local food. I like to try different cuisine and make them at home in a healthy manner.

My Achievements


  • Post Graduation Diploma in nutrition and dietetics from Shivaji University, Kolhapur (2018). - First class with Distinction.
  • Bachelor in Food Technology and Management from Shivaji University, Kolhapur. (2017)- First class with Distinction


  • article on wedding season diet in laginghai magazine.(2019)
  • Article on vitamin D in Social Media (2020).


  • Win 1st prize in Innovative healthy Drink contest for drink Banaranth(2018)
  • Win 2nd prize for essay on women empowerment.
  • Win a prize in Quiz competition arranged by Kolhapur Dietetics Forum.
  • Win a consolation prize in Poster presentation.


  • lifetime member of Indian Dietetics association.
  • Member of Kolhapur Dietetics forum.

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