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The word ‘Bachelor’ doesn’t need any extra explanation. Once in life, everyone suffers from this painful but similarly most memorable and joy-full phase in life. At that phase, we live with limited resources, with a different soul and different environment. The tension of submission and presentation is stuck there in mind at that time. After submission hangout, late-night parties, overnight thinking of that person, boring mess eating never ends.

Simultaneously our changing habits are responsible for decreased health. At the age of 25 to 30, your health is standing to welcome you in the new world where health issues start. At that age, we realized our health is collapse and no use of taking pain killer as it becomes our habit now.


Bachelor’s Life


 Here I would like to tell you some tips and sample diet plan which is easy to follow, cost-effective and healthy too. 

The most important meal in our diet is breakfast. Ideal breakfast contains at least 80% of all nutrients. Eating whole fruit with dry fruit or sprout chat or milk and cereals is very good and cost-effective option to kick healthily starts your day. If you want to eat outside. Choose option such option as idli, freshly made vegetables, poha/upma. Don’t choose a fried item like medu vada, vada, Samosa, bhaji, etc.

Nourish yourself in the mid morning with some coconut water/ some freshly made drinks like masala chhas, lemonade, kokum sharbat etc. it is very important to keep maintain electrolyte and fluid balance in the body.

Try to keep your lunch before2pm. If you are a marketing person or if you want to go out for the business meeting, parties try to keep your lunch light, try choosing a healthy option like vegetable soup, clear soup, and tomato soup etc. Eat whole wheat chapatti instead of refined wheat flour roti or nan. Choose a subji which has fewer calories. Strictly avoid too much eating.

Choose a light evening snack such as roasted chana, khakhra, murmur, sauté vegetables etc.

For dinner try to eat a local, staple meal like chapatti and subji which is prepared in less oil, steam rice and dal etc. 

Some tips to prevent further health problem.

  • Keep your eye on your water intake.
  • Limit your alcohol intake and smoking.
  • Try to eat local and staple food.
  • Don’t eat highly salted and highly preserved food.
  • Avoid junk food.
  • Don’t eat food which contains eating soda.
  • Cleans/detox once a week.
  • Atleast do physical exercise and meditation for 30 mins daily.
  • For dessert choose a healthy option like khajoor barfi, protein pack ladoo, dryfruit bar etc.

Some recipe suggestion which you can easily prepare by your own using less ingredient and utensils like kadhi –khichadi,  spinach pulav, sprout bhel, paratha etc. some of the detail recipe preparation is available on our website in the recipe section please go and check

For a customized diet plan please contact on 7588435300

Thank you.

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