Clinical or Therapeutic Diet

Clinical/ Therapeutic diet

These include diet for weight gain, obesity (weight loss), thyroid, kidney diseases diet, liver diseases diet, hypertension diet, and diet for gout, nutritional deficiency diet, and diet for anemia, heart disorders diet, diabetes diet, gastrointestinal diseases diet, cancer diet and pregnancy diet. It also included diet in special conditions like lactose intolerance and celiac (gluten-sensitive) diet.
diet and pregnancy diet. It also included diet in special condition like lactose intolerance and celiac (gluten-sensitive) diet.

Weight Gain

Eating too much is not enough for weight gain. The understanding root cause is very important. After identifying the cause, proper diet planning is very important to gain weight healthily. If you want to gain weight, try our weight gain program.

Weight Loss/ Fat Loss

Understanding first what you want means fat loss or weight loss is very important. If you trying weight loss in the wrong way, its directly proportional to bad adverse health effect like nutrient deficiency, weakness, dizziness etc. a good way of losing weight is to eat a proper meal consisting all nutrient in balanced proportion, if you want to try our weight loss /fat loss program.


Hypertension is also known as “Silent Killer”. Monitoring blood pressure after 30yr of age is now prime important. Sometimes it is asymptomatic, and there are lots of causes behind hypertension. Finding the correct cause, working on it is important to stay away from other diseases like stroke, heart attack, kidney diseases etc. cutting down all sodium is not a good solution. It requires proper planning of all nutrients including daily intake of sodium. Try our hypertension program.

Nutritional Deficiency

Due to allergies, wrong food habits, some health condition and some religious belief many people avoid whole food group or some food items that are the main cause of the nutritional deficiency. Other reasons like the interaction of medications, wrong cooking habits are responsible for it. Briefly understating which nutritional deficiency you have and timely correct it through diet is very vital to avoid further problems. To know more about this program contacts us.

Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy demand increases a nutritional need but some women eat more and that’s the main reason behind overweight children and problems in delivery. To know which nutrient you need more, what I avoid during pregnancy symptoms persist more, and for lots about diet and nutrition-related queries contact us.

Malnutrition/ childhood obesity

both problems are needed to tackle at right time. Eating more or less / eating only favorite food is not good. Cultivating the right food habit and eating all kinds of food is helpful. Don’t ignore childhood obesity and malnutrition. For customized children’s plans please contact us.

Gluten free /lactose intolerance diet

If you are suffering from one of these problems don’t be panic. You can eat their alternative and tasty food and fulfill your nutritional need. For a customized plan please contact us.


Eating food/ sweets using sugar-free or completely avoid only sugar is not the only solution for diabetes. A carbohydrate counting, changing lifestyle habit is important too. For customized diabetes plan please contact us. (New sugar checking report is required with doctor prescription)


The ultimate filter of the body. But what happens if there is a fault infiltration. to keep your kidneys in good condition with the help of diet, tackle problems like a kidney stone, ARF/CRF please contact us.


to beat the problem of male and female (pcos/pcod) infertility problem join our infertility programe.

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