Wedding -The topmost dream

Every kid dreaming of the wedding since childhood. The long hall, the decorative stage, those flower arrangements, lots of people, mainly the variety of food and a shower of blessings and gift attract everyone since childhood. As life goes the dream becomes our anxiety but why no one knows. In this article, we tell about everything about the wedding in terms of skincare, diet and nutrition and exercise.

First thing first who wants glowing skin, no dark circles and good tone body please start your diet before at least 3 to 6 months of the wedding.  Don’t follow any crash diet or google mix diet without the advice of a well-educated person or it gives a bundle of illness at the main time.
Let’s start with diet

Diet should be a plan with the help of history and other blood parameters.
Diet before the wedding should help to reach your dream without any illness and weakness.
Both macronutrients and micronutrient are essential.

Carbohydrates:-Carbohydrate is the main source of energy. Choose a fibre-rich carbohydrate like whole wheat roti, unpolished rice or brown rice product. Avoid refined product. Take an appropriate amount of carbohydrate in a diet.

Protein:- as we all know protein helps to build muscle and lose weight. Take more protein in a diet. Egg, chicken without skin, lean meat are some of the best non-veg protein sources and milk and milk product, lentil and pulses, tofu, paneer are vegetarian good sources of protein sources to include.

Fat:-Good fat is not a fad. Fat is essential for the fat-soluble vitamin. Take a balanced amount of fat in daily diet.

Water:- Water is very essential it acts as a solvent. Water helps to rid out of excess toxins in our body, it helps to keep our inner system clean. It helps to prevent constipation. It is also one secret of clear skin. Consumption of 10 to 12 glass of water every day is essential.

Vitamins and mineral:- vitamins and minerals are micronutrients but they are essential in life. Sometimes their deficiency causes big diseases also. Iron, calcium, iodine and zinc are some of the essential minerals for overall wellbeing.
Daily dose water-soluble vitamin B and vitamin C is necessary. Taking different colourful vegetable and fruit is important to fulfil all vitamins need. Incorporating Vitamin A and vitamin E is the most important for good hair, eye health and healthy skin

Skincare:- Taking good care of skin is also necessary. Firstly check your skin type like oily, dry or combination of skin like dry and sensitive. Choose a good quality moisturiser it helps to hydrate your skin. Choose a good quality makeup product and do a patch test before buying or application in the main function to avoid further complication. Do makeup as light as possible, it helps to feel more comfortable. wash your face frequently it helps to reduce acne and pimple marks.

Exercise:- Exercise is most important to keep your physical, mental and social health in good condition. Do exercise at least 4times in a week. Don’t do or repeat the same exercise for a long period, do a combination of exercise. Do cardio for good heart health, strength and weight training for strong muscle and yoga for flexibility and calmness. Yoga and meditation have more benefits it’s helpful to keep your overall health in good condition. Do deep breathing and pranayama regularly. To know more about yoga, history of yoga and it’s benefits please visit

Some quick tips
1) Eat meal regularly at regular intervals.
2) For snacking choose a good option like dry fruit, salad etc.
3) Take a good sound sleep of 8-9 hours.
4) Try to eat less sugary, oily and spicy food.
5) Try to choose any 2 course at a time starter and dessert. Don’t do overeating.
6) To boost immunity drink turmeric milk.
7) Eat fruit which is rich in vitamin C like orange, amla, guava etc.
8) Do not starve.
9) limit or avoid alcohol intake.
10) Packaged and preserve food is better to avoid.
11) Chew clove or aniseeds after a meal to avoid acidity.
12) Take a daily tablet of omega 3.
13) Drink probiotic to improve gut health.
14) Do meditate it helps to balance hormonal health.
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